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Release 26.08.22

Aug 26 2 min read Updates
Release 26.08.22

Asset switch

For Futures Balances, a "Select Asset" switch has been added. Now you can choose the balance of which coin to display: USDT or BUSD. This option is available both for the total futures balance and when creating a futures balance widget. When changing coins for the total balance, the current one is displayed until a new result arrives.

Saving Widget Settings

  • For each variation "Widget Type" + "Source", the last settings selected for it are saved;
  • Each new widget, when opened, has the settings of the last created one, but when changing the variation, it changes them in accordance with the last ones saved for it;
  • Fields: widget name, api key and comment - are always empty when creating a new widget.


  • Changed the calculation of profit for futures. Now, to generate a profit, a commission in USDT, BUSD and BNB is taken into account;
  • Improved adaptation of the title and font size of widgets to the tablet: in the range from 768px to 1199px, the size is kept within 5, even if a larger one is specified in the settings. This allows the value to be displayed when the widget itself shrinks with the screen size;
  • Users might experience an inability to add a new key. When deleting all keys and accounts by keys, the "Add account" and “Add key” button were disappearing. We have fixed this issue;
  • When editing, deleting or adding, the widget grid is no longer updated and does not go into download mode. A widget that is added or removed instantly interacts with others.