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Release 23.09.2022

Sep 23 2 min read Updates
Release 23.09.2022

Added new widgets:

1. Futures delta on balance (chart);
2. Futures balance history (chart);
3. Spot delta on balance (numerical and chart);
4. Spot balance history (chart);

The following options are available for this widget group:

  • Selection of an asset;
  • Choice of period/date;
  • The sum of all assets;
  • The sum of api keys (exception - spot balance delta - numeric).

5. Futures average profit;
6. Futures maximum profit;
7. Futures minimum profit;
8. Futures number of transactions.

For all widgets in this group, the option to select Period/Date is available.
The average profit also has the "Keys grouping" option:

  • Active - displays the sum of the average profits of the keys
  • Not active - displays the average profit among all keys.