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Release 15.08.2022

Aug 15 2 min read Updates
Release 15.08.2022

Package types

Now you can change the type of package you use directly from your profile, in the personal data section.

Improved comment field:

  • Inside the editing widget, the full text of the comment is always visible;
  • Displayed the counter of the number of characters in the comment;
  • The tooltip with a comment has the width of the text and is limited only by the width of the screen;
  • Visually separated widget title from comment text.

Widget organization on the board has become more convenient!

  • When creating or copying widgets, you can not be afraid that the structure will go astray, now the new widget is located under all existing ones;
  • Increased empty space under the widgets, which allows you to easily move them down the page;
  • Added the ability to copy the board with widgets - now you can change their location on the board without fear of breaking the existing structure. The "copy board" icon is located next to the add widget button.