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Release 15.03.22

Mar 14 2 min read Updates
Release 15.03.22


  • The concept of the Profile page has been revised. Each tab has its own URL, the ability to navigate to tabs by link has been added.
  • Added options for changing the appearance of pages in the "Layout" section of the profile page.
  • Added the ability to select the menu type and color scheme: "Default", "Dark" and "Light"
  • In the settings of widgets with graphs, the "Point size" option has been added, thus the ability to choose one of the three proposed sizes displayed on the graphs or hide the points completely has been added.
  • For all plots, by default, points are reduced to a medium size.
  • Europe/Moscow time zone added


  • Fixed bugs with charts where the selected period for the "day" displayed data only until 22:00
  • Fixed chart flickering error on the reports page
  • Fixed a bug when following a link to the Telegram channel, which previously opened in some browsers in the current tab.