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Release 08.09.2022

Sep 12 2 min read Updates
Release 08.09.2022

Mini widget

We prepared a version of the mini-widget. It features the following options:

  • We reduce the widget to the smallest size. Numerical or graph, it doesn't matter;
  • Settings change to fit the mini-widget format:
    • the title is completely removed;
    • the control buttons are reduced in size so that all 4 fit in a row;
    • if this is a numeric widget, then the coin is automatically removed from the result, and the result itself becomes a small font;
    • if this is a graph, then the title, legend, and all XY axes are removed.
  • Mini widget settings work in two cases:

        1. Minimum width + any height;
        2. Minimum height + any width.

  • Mini-widget settings do not resave user-selected ones. If you increase the size of the widget, all settings will be restored;
  • In the mobile version, the mini-widget doesn't work, user settings included;
  • The tablet mode is designed primarily for viewing. Too small to control it.

P.S.: Lifehack for tablet users - you can use the option to clone the board and fit this copy to your tablet.

Duplicate keys

Within one account, we added a ban on adding an existing key. When you try to add a duplicate, a warning appears that the key already exists.

Duplicate keys that were created earlier were not deleted. Everyone can check their account for duplicates and delete them if necessary.
It is important to remember that when deleting a key, it will be deleted from the widgets and general balances in which it was used.

! To avoid confusion in terms, in the "API Keys" section, we renamed "Accounts" to "Groups."