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February Product Release (28.02.2023)

Feb 28 3 min read Updates
February Product Release (28.02.2023)

New widgets and features:

1. Added a Spot Position page.

A page that displays all your positions in the spot market (both open and closed) with all the necessary data and information (including Realized PNL, commission, and Net Profit) for the position as a whole and for each transaction within that position.

2. Added Spot Profit Graphical Widget.

Similar to other graphical widgets, you can display it as a line, bar, or pie chart. Additional settings allow you to track all positions, only closed positions, or only open positions.

3. Added numerical widget: Spot Commission.

A numerical widget that reflects the amount of commission paid for the position as a whole, both for a specific pair and for the sum of all assets.

4. Added numerical widget: Spot Position Price.

Depending on the settings, you can display information on the maximum purchase price, maximum selling price, minimum purchase price, minimum selling price per asset, or the average price of the asset.

5. Added numerical widget: Number of Positions.

A simple widget that displays the number of positions. You can configure it to count all, only closed, or only open positions.

6. New position status Filter in all Spot widgets.

Now in all spot widgets, you can filter to calculate widget values only for open, only closed, or all positions.

7. New Mobile View Settings Feature.

Now you can customize which widgets should be displayed when accessing a board from a mobile phone. You can display only key values to avoid scrolling through dozens of widgets and avoid creating separate boards for mobile.

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Minor UI changes:

8. Add to the Balance option for new keys.

Changed the key adding form. Now when adding a new key, there is an option to add it immediately this key in calculating balance on the top bar.

9. Added numbering on the API Keys page.

Now in the table with all keys, there is a column with their numbering before the name.

10. New key counter on the API Keys page.

On the API Keys page, there is now a counter for added keys, making it easy to track the number of keys added.